What Makes Our Rice Different?  

We strongly believe in coupling cutting-edge, sustainable farming practices with a proactive wildlife conservation program to grow the highest quality rice possible while improving the land for future generations.



    At Rue & Forsmans we proactively provide optimal habitat for migratory shorebirds on over 1,000 acres in the fall, winter, and spring through partnerships with the Nature Conservancy and other conservation groups.  Our rice fields act as surrogate wetlands for these migratory species.

We have installed over 100 nesting structures for songbirds, owls, bast, and ducks.

Over 120 acres of permanent wetlands are managed for many different species.


Precision Technology

GPS leveling on 100% of our fields to reduce water use.  

Yeild mapping and fertilizer precriptions to reduce fertilier use and increase yields.

All of our remaining straw is incorporated into the soil each year to build the soil health.

GPS steering on all tractors to reduce fuel use.



In order to produce the highest quality rice possible, we carefully control each step of the journey from the day the rice is planted until it is milled and delivered to the customers.  All of our rice varieties are source identifyed and are fully traceable back to the fields where they were grown.


We work with biologists to provide ideal habitat for migratory shorebirds during the migration windows in the spring and fall, when this critical habitat is scarce.

A symbiotic relationship has been established.  Migratory shorebirds and waterfowl help break down the remaining rice straw after harvest as they forage in the shallow flooded fields for remaining rice grains and aquatic invertebrates.